Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network

UK Carnival Scene has Lost Cultural Taste

Carnival Scene 2018

A recent survey by YWICCN found carnival revelers feel the UK Carnival scene has lost it cultural taste. The cultural artistic survey carried out over the spring and summer highlighted that a majority of UK Carnivals were seen as a means to hustle people with a view to making a quick buck, watering down the beautiful culture of the Eastern Caribbean, rather than promoting it.

The survey also showed there is a lack of artistic creativity, with bands and troops turning up in t-shirts and casual wear. Some Carnival organizers even found it hard to book steel bands to preform on the day of the intended events. It was mentioned at certain events, a number of essentials Caribbean arts were missing such as string bands, iron bands, Soca brass and masquerade dancing. It seems the organisations were happy to use funds on bashment music, reggae artists, sound systems, RAP and R & B instead. While not wishing to disrespect other musical genres, I feel the focus should be on the Eastern Caribbean culture; because, after all it is an Eastern Caribbean event.

In addition, I have found there are a number of promoters who deliberately wait until carnival weekend to put on a number of after parties that have nothing to do with the culture or heritage.

We are hoping and pleading to organisations to change their structure and planning of carnivals. Otherwise, if something is not done sooner or later, our lovely sweet authentic culture will die.

Editor R B Joseph