Aims and Objectives

Hurricane SupportYorkshire West Indian Culturama Carnival Network is a non-profit organisation with charitable aims and objectives. The organisation is a registered company, limited by guarantee, with no shared capitals.

Part of our overall philosophy is to give a helping hand to people in need due to poverty. To meet this commitment, we dedicate at least two months in time and effort throughout the year distributing food aid in our local community and worldwide.


From time to time the organisation runs raffles to fund our voluntary work. The date of our next raffle draw is 31st January 2020. The raffle proceeds go towards supporting the victims of severe hurricane disasters and volcanic eruptions which take place near the homes and schools of Eastern Caribbean people across the Islands.

We have a responsible and structured way of supporting the people of the Eastern Caribbean. We send barrels of food directly to local churches and local schools for people effected by the hurricanes and who cannot support themselves. To evidence our donations, we obtain a letter from the school and from the church to say that the charity has been received and distributed. The next shipment date is 30th March 2020.

Yorkshire West Indian Culturama Carnival is an equal opportunities group with diverse members from a variety of West Indian and Eastern Caribbean Islands. We are happy for anyone and everyone to join the group and membership is available throughout the year.

Our main focus is arts and cultural art, particularly the performing arts. For more information about our cultural arts please visit our web site ‘About Page’. The work we do is voluntary. We do not hire professional fund raisers to carry out fund raising, we fund raise as a team, throughout Christmas, Easter and summer.

If we can be of any assistant to your organisation we would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you, for your time. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Everyone at YWICCN.


All food drum delivery has been postponed due to Covid 19 until further notice.


YWICCN Hurricane Support Project


Registered Office & Company Information

Hurricanes In The Eastern Caribbean
Eastern Caribbean House
405 Bradford Road
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Tel: 01904 501 448
Company number: 11136321
Incorporated: 8 January 2018


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