Volcanic Rum Punch


Volcanic Rum Punch


The Inspiration

Soufriere Volcano MontserratVolcanic rum punch is inspired by the volcanic island of Montserrat, a British overseas dependent territory, in the Eastern Caribbean’s lesser Antilles. The punch range is made from a unique blend of 25 Eastern Caribbean rums, with Brandy, Whisky, Gin and a few Montserrat secrets, delivering a true taste of the Caribbean. Blends include:

  • The Larva Blend
  • The Steam Blend
  • The Pyroclastic Blend

Whichever blend you choose, Ryan guarantees the effect will be like Soufrière Hills – EXPLOSIVE!

The secret recipe was created by Ryan Joseph, who was born on the island. Ryan named the drink after the famous Soufriere Hills volcano which erupted for the first time in history on July 18th 1995, when Ryan was a teenager. The eruption began with intense fumarolic venting and phreatic explosions following 3 years of elevated seismicity.

The Story

Soufriere Volcano Montserrat EruptingIn celebration of the eruption, Ryan with friends from secondary school mixed a special rum punch for local party goers. Soon after the punch became celebrated for its unique taste and it wasn’t long before local bar owners were employing Ryan’s services at the weekend to mix-up his secret rum punch recipe and other cocktails.

In 2018, an opportunity arose for Ryan to exploit his hidden talent. While in York promoting cultural activities, Ryan was overheard by the manager of a cocktail bar to declare, “I’m a master at creating rum punch.” One tasting session later, the volcanic rum punch we now know was born.

This chance meeting was the turning point. 5000 cocktail drinkers have since bought and loved the drink, causing more bar owners to ask how they could get hold of the drink too. By 2019 Ryan began mixing tasting samples for distribution at Popup Culturama and associated cultural events.

The rest is history as they say. The drink is set to launch in summer 2023. In the meantime, taster samples will be available at the up coming Pop-Up Culturama cultural events in 2022. You can get a taste of the punch by winning a raffle or asking for free sample. Unfortunately, the punch is not currently for sale.

Volcanic Rum Punch



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