Our Team


Keeping Yorkshire Alive

Our team is dedicated to working towards a vision for delivering creative diversity in our beautiful region of Yorkshire. The team philosophy is transparency and equality, enabling a positive approach to daily work activities and encouraging an environment for ideas to flow naturally. We are dedicated to supporting art & culture around Yorkshire, the North and Scotland.

The team is divided into five sections, each dedicated to specific tasks.

1. The Soca & Calypso Radio Group Team.
The voice of Yorkshire’s Eastern Caribbean Music, is focused on bringing the latest in everything Eastern Caribbean to communities, here and abroad. Through the promotion of events, we will be sharing Caribbean news and showcasing Soca & Calypso music from the eastern islands and the eastern Caribbean diaspora.

2. The Preforming Arts Workshop Team.
This team is involved in everything that is creative, from classes in traditional carnival dance (masquerade), to teaching costume making, basic and elaborate, as well as sets for carnival parades. Throughout the year many classes are attended by the local community. The classes are usually free to attend and most of the time refreshments are provided. The sessions give everyone in the community a place to explore their creativity.

3. The Administration Team.
Dedicated to ensuring our organisation is kept running smoothly so the team can provide continued service.

4. The Fundraising Team.
This team is involved in a range of fundraising activities from the selling of raffle tickets, acquiring sponsorship, to coordinating and providing disaster relief funds to hurricane victims in the Eastern Caribbean.

5. The Soca & Calypso Promotional Night Life Team.
Showcasing big name artists, as well as up and coming talent, in the Soca & Calypso world, here and abroad.