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Volcanic Rum Punch & Rum Cake

Rum Cake

Rum Cake

The tradition of Rum Cake in the Caribbean has been going on for centuries and has been a firm favourite not only at celebratory periods in the year, but considered a decadent indulgence just like eating the finest Belgian Chocolate. It is highly considered the centre piece of any Caribbean gathering where food is being served for a celebration.

To complement our Volcanic Rum Punch we have created our very own Rum Cake not only with the secrets and spirit of Montserrat, but with the added taste of paradise!

Volcanic Rum Punch

The Volcanic Rum Punch got its name from the famous volcanic island of Montserrat. The punch creation came about after purchasing other punches on the market, but I felt the recipe could be improved on. So, I decided to blend my very own formula with the Spirit of Montserrat in mind.

With each SHOT of Volcanic Rum Punch, you can be assured that the formula has a combination of 25 Eastern Caribbean Rums blended, with Brandy, Whisky, Gin and a few Montserrat secrets! Now, we have a selection of three blends including:

  • The Larva Blend (strongest)
  • The Steam Blend (medium)
  • The Pyroclastic Blend (light)

Whichever you decide to try I will guarantee the effects will be like Soufrière Hills (EXPLOSIVE)!!

The creation was brought together by Dale Temper. Several bottles will be available for Summer 2019. Samples will be available to taste at our up and coming Pop-Up Culturama event on Saturday 20th April.