UK Carnival Schedule

If you would like to know the UK carnival schedule for 2017, look no further. We have compiled an ordered list of all the dates that matter, for your convenience. We have also included information on carnivals cancelled in 2017.

If you would like to add a carnival date to our list, we would love to hear from you. Please use our contact form to provide the carnival name, location and date.

2017 Carnivals

  • Luton Carnival, Sunday 28th May 2017
  • Reading Carnival, Monday 29th May 2017
  • Northampton Carnival, Saturday 10th June 2017
  • Deighton Carnival (Huddersfield), Saturday 24th June 2017
  • Preston Carnival, Sunday 25th June 2017
  • Huddersfield Carnival, Saturday 7th – Sunday 9th July 2017
  • Derby Carnival, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July 2017
  • Scottish Afro-Caribbean Carnival, Paisley Saturday 5th August 2017
  • Leicester Carnival, Saturday 5th August 2017
  • Manchester Carnival, Jam Corner Sunday 6th August 2017
  • Manchester Carnival, Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th August 2017
  • Nottingham Carnival, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th August 2017
  • Notting Hill Carnival, Sunday 27th & Monday 28th August 2017
  • Leeds Carnival, Sunday 27th & Monday 28th August 2017
  • Hackney One Day Carnival, Sunday 10th September 2017
  • Kendal Torchlight Carnival, 2017, Friday 15th September & Saturday 16th September
  • Carnival Last Lap Jam Soca Explosion Sting Cup Clash Manchester Saturday 4th of November 2017
UK Carnival Schedules

UK Carnival Schedules

Cancelled 2017 Carnivals

  • Bristol Carnival – no Carnival for 2017
  • Coventry Carnival – no Carnival for 2017
  • Birmingham Carnival – no Carnival for 2017

Dates correct at day of print, 5th April 2017. Please confirm dates and event status on individual carnival websites before making arrangements. The YWICN does not accept liability for cancelled events or incorrect dates.