Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network

Street Kitchen Huddersfield

Caribbean Food

The Yorkshire West Indian Culturama Carnival Network are pleased to support the Huddersfield Street Kitchen on two Sundays every month.

Due to the rise in the homelessness, the numbers of vulnerable and dispossessed people living on our streets is rising. With this in mind, we wondered how we could make a difference to these people’s lives. We decided to create a Street Kitchen and donate a traditional wholesome Caribbean home cooked meal on each designated Sunday, to everyone that turns up.

Our aim is to provide a hearty and nutritional meal to help sustain the people who attend. The service will be undertaken by members of the YWICCN who are dedicated to providing authentic Caribbean cuisine.

This is a local organisation providing support to a community. We are NOT just about performing arts and culture, we are about community cohesion too.

If you would like to get involved, contact us on 07305 711 714.