RB Joseph

RB Joseph’s World Cultural Productions

RB Joseph World Cultural Productions

RB Joseph World Cultural Productions

RB Joseph, is an Eastern Caribbean West Indian Cultural Events Agency. RB Joseph is based in the North of England and its an Eastern Caribbean trading business for Arts, Culture and Entertainment. We provide the following services for Weddings, Parties, Special Occasions, Carnivals, Festivals, Conferences, Business Launches,School Workshops and Care homes.
A booking with RB Joseph is a life changing experience as we bring to you the best in Eastern Caribbean Western Culture. RB Joseph’s focus is to bring the best in Eastern Caribbean and West Indian Culture to your door step.

Cultural Production Services

The following are services we offer and you can be booked with RB Joseph well in advance of your event/s:

  • Steel Bands
  • Steel Orchestras
  • String Bands
  • Iron Bands
  • Carnival Dancers
  • Carnival Mass Bands
  • Carnival Events Brochures
  • Artistic Cultural Drumming
  • Full Acoustic Soca Bands
  • Calyspo Singers
  • Soca Artists
  • Soca PA and Sound System Hire
  • Full Cultural Stage and Lighting for Any Event
  • Eastern Caribbean Traditional Catering for all Special Occasions
  • Stall Bookings for Carnival, Exhibitions & Cultural Events
  • Cultural Clothing
  • Eastern Caribbean Dry Goods
  • Costume Hire
  • Events Promotions, Advertising and Management
  • Carnival, Festival Parade Organizing (We have 10 years experience)

For all bookings please telephone RB Joseph on 01484 434 895 or email ryanbrandonjosheph@hotmail.com

We accept card payments.