Welcome to Yorkshire West Indian Culturama Carnival Network raffles. From time to time the Culturama Carnival Network needs to raise funds to support our cultural activities and keep the organisation alive. In addition, the network aims to assist community groups to achieve their artistic goals.

When there are major incidents like Caribbean hurricanes we donate food across to the islands, as well as donating food to charitable groups within our locality.

If you would like to help us, to help others, please buy a ticket or enquire about supporting us. Thank you, for your support.




Here are the winning numbers for the Culturama raffle Draw.

1st Prize 00052 | Second Prize 000239 | Third prize 00674


Upcoming Raffles


Summer Draw 2020


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Summer Draw


  • 1st Prize
  • Win 10 x Bottles of Eastern Caribbean rum
  • Win 10 x Bottles of Eastern Caribbean rum punch
  • Win 10 x Bottles of brandy
  • Win 10 x Bottles of gin
  • Win 10 x Bottles of Eastern Caribbean wine
  • Win 8 x Case of Eastern Caribbean Beer
  • WIN 2 x basket of mix Eastern Caribbean spice
  • Win 2 x box of Eastern Caribbean volcanic rum cake
  • WIN 1 x Eastern Caribbean recipe cookbook


  • 2nd Prize
  • Win 2 x train tickets & accommodation of your choice for a UK carnival weekend 2021.
  • Win 2 x Bottles of volcanic rum punch. PPI pack to keep safe from COVID 19.


  • 3rd Prize
  • Win 1 x Full volcanic rum cake
  • Win 2 x Bottles of rum punch from the volcanic island of Montserrat


Yorkshire West Indian Culturama Carnival Network has a very unique way of promoting raffles. We give the general public a chance to win big on every special occasion. If you win our Easter raffle you will have a lot of booze for Easter, If you win our Easter raffle you have enough booze for summer, if you win our summer raffle you will have enough booze for Easter. Our Eastern Caribbean way is to celebrate these occasions well.


****   WIN BIGGER PRIZES   ****


Get your ticket through Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network now.

1 x Ticket for £3.00 (general public).

Saturday 3rd October 2020 @ 22:00. Proceeds for our popup food bank
Please retain your tickets as evidence.


No under 18s


Yorkshire West Indian Culturama Carnival Network is a not for profit organisation that is governed by a constitution and a registered charitable company Limited by guarantee – company number 11136321; not a registered charity. The money raised goes towards keeping Eastern Caribbean West Indian cultural arts alive in the north of England. Our aim is to hold up the heritage music of the Caribbean, which is Soca, Calypso string band Culturama masquerade and steel band. Everyone is welcome to join our projects and activities as the idea is to build stronger communities and uplift our Caribbean culture. Some of the money raised will be used to help our local community in Yorkshire the north west and also to send food aid to the victims of hurricane Irma (Barbuda) & hurricane Maria (Dominica) in 2017 we will support out Eastern Caribbean islands as if it wasn’t for our mother land we will not have our vibrant culture today so on behalf of Yorkshire West Indian Culturama we would like to thank the general public for the continues to support.



Main Tel:  01422 400 180

Advertising Tel: 07920 438 821

Popup Culturama Tel:  07584 926 340

YEC Radio Tel: 01904 501 448

Popup Food-Bank Yorkshire & North West Tel: 07958 664 159