Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network

Popup Culturama in York

Popup Carnival York 2019

YWICCN is pleased to announce that we will be showcasing our first Pop-Up Culturama in York on Saturday, 10th August 2019. Our aim is to bring Eastern Caribbean tradition and cultural to an ancient and historical city.

There’s lots to see in York, so why not spend the weekend? There is the historic walled city, founded by the ancient Romans in 71 AD, with a medieval centre and walkways which overlook the River Ouse.

York boasts the National Railway Museum and Viking Museum, the latter containing artefacts from when the Vikings captured the city in 866 AD. York has a huge 13th-century Gothic cathedral called York Minster, with stained glass and functioning bells and the Monk Bar gate is home to an exhibition tracing life in the times of the 15th-century Plantagenet King Richard III.

This is just a taste of what York has to offer. Mix in some Caribbean flare and you’ve got a great weekend, not to be forgotten.

Stay posted for venue details.