Yorkshire West Indian Carnival Network

New Soca, TV and Carnival Network for Huddersfield & Yorkshire

Huddersfield Yorkshire Radio TV Launch 2018

We are pleased, to announce the new Soca Radio Station and Carnival Network for Yorkshire. The idea came along after a number of surveys in and around the region which provided us with evidence that there was a gap, and significant requirement for more music from the Eastern Caribbean. After carrying out or surveys and collecting relevant statistics, we decided to launch a new radio station catering for the community and bringing them the very best in cultural Eastern Caribbean music and Eastern Caribbean Culture.

The Radio and TV Network will be providing the region with a New Eastern Caribbean Cultural music station showcasing music of the String Bands, Iron Bands,Steel Bands and many other music genre. The aim is to bring 100% Eastern Caribbean Culture to their doorsteps. The new Soca Radio & TV Station is to keep you connected with Eastern Caribbean cultural information such as Carnival Festivals, Cultural Events, Talent Shows, Exhibitions, Workshops. We can keep you up to date with the latest Caribbean news too.

To get involved with the new radio station, you can contact us on 07467 580 043. We are based in Marsden, Huddersfield. Please be aware that this station is a 99.5% Soca and Calypso Cultural music. This Radio Station has no intentions of breaking the law by operating on an FM dial, and therefore in the future any FM transmission will be applied for through the legal channels of applying for a one month licence, I do hope you will all enjoy this new station so visit the website and keep tuning in.

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