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Soca and Calypso Stage: Manchester Carnival 2017

Calypso Stage, Manchester Carnival 2017

Manchester Carnival 2017 has the UK’s first dedicated Soca and Calypso Stage over both days.

Carnival has a unique twist to it this year with the new arrival of Eastern Caribbean West Indian Culture Soca and Calypso Stage. The Soca and Calypso stage will be in the Carnival over the two day period where a variety of different Eastern Caribbean Cultural Arts will be performed, such as String Bands, iron bands, mass bands, steel orchestras, Soca bands, Soca and Calypso artists, Eastern Caribbean cultural dancing and masquerades, Soca DJ from around the UK and world wide. The Soca and Calypso Stage will also be providing something special for our audiences this year.

Second Carnival Parade: New for carnival 2017; If you miss the carnival parade on the Saturday you can still view them again on Sunday 13th August 2017.

To get involved with Manchester Carnival please contact: 07827 410 646